The term is finally over. I enjoyed the class although the material was challenging. Time to prepare for the final.



The end of the term is near and some mixed emotions come with it. A bit of test aniexty and a dash of worry for those on the cusp of passing or failing. But also joy and relief for the people who are just ready to be done with classes for the summer. Good weather and good times are around the corner!

Finish Strong

Finishing strong is just as in important as starting off on the right foot. Sometimes in the middle of any challenge I lose focus on the end goal and I have to remind myself to stay on task. But it difficult to catch up when you’re behind. So stay motivated and keep your eyes on the prize.


Why does it seem like there is never enough time? Humans came up with ways to measure the patterns of Earth and it’s movement around the Sun and the end result is something we call time. But although we came up with these parameters of measurement we still can’t seem to get a grasp of it. Time stops for no man, we are unable to bend it to our will. Whether it may be to speed it up or slow it down no man is in control of time. Why is that? We have parameters to tell time but no control over time it self, instead time controls us. The concept of “time” exist beyond our planet but yet the parameters we set for it are based solely on the motion of our planet. Maybe this is why through our ways of measurement we are unable to manipulate time. It’s said that time is relative to your location in the universe. Theories in relativity claim it’s possible for two ppl to age at different speeds due to these “changes in time”and it’s theory┬áthat black holes and the immense amount of gravity within them are the cause of the manipulation of time. So why does it seem like theres never enough time? Can time be manipulated by nature or by man?

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Hello to all and welcome to the spirit of science blog. The title would suggest that this blog has some deeper meaning and direction. Unfortunately that may or may not be the case since I haven’t decided on a direction. Just going with the wind at this point which is why I’ve decided to leave this pre chooses image for my first post. Enjoy namaste!